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Posted on: Sept. 19, 2022
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COFOCE had a participation at SAPICA, the event that reunited shoe and leather companies from Guanajuato with visitors from Mexico and from all over the world, as COFOCE fulfills its mission of bringing together Guanajuatense companies with buyers from all over.

International contacts

In this 86th Edition of SAPICA the Mexican brands showed products for the Fall-Winter season in the halls of Poliforum Leon.

COFOCE informed that before the Fair, they had the visit of a Guatemalan buyer interested in taking shoes from Guanajuato to his markets.


“We are interested in retaking the buying activity, reinforce the products from Guanajuato in Guatemala and now we believe we can reactivate all these purchases in which we are very much interested”, said Silvestre Rodriguez, of Group Mampa from Guatemala.

“We see that you have products that are good for our market and some things are very innovative for our customers. It calls our attention to be back again and we know that as near as we are, the logistics, prices, are important factors to see you as good suppliers”, said Rodriguez.

More visitors

Besides, in this SAPICA edition only in the first 2 days of this Shoe Fair, and in something different from the previous edition, there was an increase in visitors both national and international, which means more opportunities for the economic development of Guanajuato.


“It has been a couple of years when we have been doing a hard work working with COFOCE, and we are very thankful, they have helped us open new paths in Colombia, where we are selling even Chinelas. And right now we are exporting to the United States and Colombia”, said the entrepreneur Arturo Hurtado of FairPlay of Moroleon, Guanajuato.

United efforts

Within the program of the event and upon the demand of shoes manufactured for these global markets COFOCE and CICEG presented the activities that they do jointly as they serve these visitors of different countries and link them with companies from Guanajuato.

“The commitment of the shoe sector in export has been fundamental, we have more and more companies interested in diversifying, professionalize and that is exactly the challenge of how we can come to a stage of constant growth. Be ready to continue increasing our growth”, said Daniel Sepulveda, the Foreign Trade manager at CICEG.

International suppliers

These two organisms –CICEG and COFOCE- direct the demand from the foreign markets with the offer of companies from Guanajuato that meet all the characteristics to become international suppliers.

This is the reason why together they are promoting a global brand called “Shoes from Mexico” where they gather the best manufacturers of mexican shoes insisting that they change their way of thinking to manufacture quality shoes that have a great value and give an added value to their products to compete in the global market.

The great winner

“It is no question that production in all of Asia and the Pacific is changing and Mexico is turning into the great winner… And the United States has very strongly turned to Mexico, to all its sectors and all its industries to be able to strengthen its supply and distribution chains. Opportunities are coming no doubt about it and it is also true that these windows of opportunity come when you are prepared and this industry is now prepared; it has focused through the leadership of CICEG and SAPICA to certification, to accepting new trends, and to the evolution that has produced good results”, said the General Director of COFOCE.

Their own brands

Betting on new markets is a necessary step of the entrepreneurs in Guanajuato and also developing their own brands and that these brands are of a differentiated value; if companies bet on competing only with quantity of products is not enough anymore for Guanajuato.

COFOCE can also help you

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