Construction, strong foundations for Guanajuato

Posted on: Sept. 19, 2022
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The United States is the main consumer of construction materials from Mexico

Leon/Gto News

Blender Group a company from Guanajuato has worked since it started operations to tranform the construction world and concrete, they innovate in the industry with the use of materials and procedures that confirm that “nothing is written “ and that it is always posible to improve for the benefit of customers.

Places that inspire

“We are manufacturers and sellers of this type of products but we always insist that we help build and create places that inspire, that is Blender Group. I think our added value is mainly in our slogan “Blender is with you”, said Alejandro Martinez, Coordinator of Marketing and Business Development.


The Company offers a large variety of solutions that get to the final user through a truly profesional service based in the great capacity and experience of Blender Group to respond to the needs of the market because they focus their effort on having the precise result.

A great support

“In this process of internationalization of the company, COFOCE has been a great support and a really important aid for us, from the knowledge, even to finding an economic point. Today we export mainly to the United States, although we have had some trade exchange with more countries like Canada, Dominican Republic,Costa Rica and Chile”, said Alejandro Padilla, Trade Director at Blender Group.

Large demand in the US

United States is one of the countries that have a great demand of asphalt products, and its main suppliers are Canada, Mexico and Oman; given their geographical position Mexico and Canada have an advantage as they are neighbors of USA.