Products from Guanajuato sold in Germany

Posted on: Sept. 18, 2022
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The products are promoted physically in the store and on digital catalogue

Leon/Gto News

COFOCE linked companies from Guanajuato that sell artwork and products of the fashion sector to export to the German market, thanks to the creation and development of a comercial agenda with the German company Fischer’s GmbH, which has 20 physical stores in different cities of Germany and it is the biggest store in Frankfurt.

They came for more

The International connection started when a Guanajuatense tile company from Dolores Hidalgo went to COFOCE because they had some German buyers looking for many typical products from Mexico, specifically Mexican artwork.

In good hands

“COFOCE helped us communicate with suppliers since the beginning, so the obstacles were minimized for us. They made us trust in ourselves buyer-supplier, they guided us to know more potential suppliers, both shops that produce artworks as well as artists”, said Udo Fischer, founder of Fischers GMBh from Germany.

Original products

Buyers, Coral and Udo Fischer, owners and founders of Fischer’s GmbH already knew our country and were interested in Guanajuato because they knew that our State is a manufacturer and exporter of these artisans product that are original from Dolores Hidalgo.

Real Mexican products

Representatives of the store focused in our region to find articles for their stores that would be noted for being artistic products and for being from Mexico, because they are working to fill up their shelves with international products.

This is how the opportunity came for them to visit Guanajuato and they were presented the exporting offer of Guanajuato, both of the artwork sector as well as the shoe sector.

Some companies have already sent their products to Germany, among them are:

  • Artesanias Massiel, Chiles y Chiles, Arte y Decoracion Yanez, Procesos Ceramicos, Sergio Estrada Jimenez, Gloria Laura Manzano, Yasmin Manzano, Gabriela Espinoza Mejia and Rocio Pindter

These companies send their products as a group every six months in a consolidated container to Germany.


“One of the most representative products of Mexico are no doubt artworks, however, after the visit they noticed that there were a large variety of products that could also be very representative of Mexico. Shoes are an opportunity for a traditional production, the classic one. They wanted that when people saw these products they would immediately think of Mexico. They didn’t want a boot that would look American because there are certain styles that are very particular of the US market. But they would say no, they wanted a very classical boot that would say ‘Mexico’”, said the Shoe Coordinator of COFOCE.

Contact and business

An agenda was set up to visit cowboy boots companies in Leon, and their representatives convinced German buyers about their styles and prices.After the visit COFOCE made the follow up with the companies to assist them in matter of export paperwork, even if they had previous experience, it was still made to get access to this new European market.

To know more about the linking process for Guanajuatense companies or about the opportunities that your company could have to start exporting your products;